July 9th was a day just like any other in a Toronto summer if you’re a skateboarder. Meet up at Blue Tile Lounge, grab some coffee’s, decide where to go, finally get there a few hours of bullshit later, deal with kick outs, rainouts, build spots, get some footy, and cap it all off with a few cold beers.

Only this day photographer Jeff Comber was in charge of documenting one day in Toronto skateboarding for the Skateboard Mag.

Here’s what Jeff had to say about the day he assembled the crew and skated around the city:

“July 9th was a prototypical day in the life of Toronto skateboarding. Getting the crew to decide/get moving to the first spot is like pulling teeth, getting kicked out of spots is expected, and ending the day with beers somewhere is inevitable. That being said, at the end of the day you always end up rolling with a fun crew, getting some tricks, and having a great time.”


Shots like this should make anyone miss those Toronto summer days. One thing is for sure, the Toronto scene is popping right now like never before.


Click over to the Skateboard Mag for Jeff Comber’s interview about One Day In Skateboarding: Toronto and his full gallery.



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