Photographers and videographers are really the unsung heroes of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding. Especially when it comes to creating pros careers. If it wasn’t for them, well it doesn’t really matter how good a pro is if there isn’t a talented person behind the lens to translate that vision. Pat Moore put out a little thank you to his friends that have put in a helping hand.


Here is a sample of what Pat Moore had to say:

Looking back, my career has been 50 percent mine. The other half goes to those behind the camera: photographers like Cole Barash, Rob Mathis, Ian Ruhter, Tim Zimmerman, Tim Peare, Adam Moran, and Aaron Blatt, filmmakers like Jeremy Pettit, Sean Johnson, Nathan Yant, John Cavan, Kurt Heine, Kyle Schwartz, Tanner Pendleton, Sean Kearns, Seth Huot, and Jake Price. They didn’t just capture our snowboarding, their own style and persona shines through in the images and footage they create. For every Forum there’s a Dawger, for every Burton there’s a Blotto, for every Terje there’s a Seoane. For every rider who finds success, there’s someone else that deserves the recognition, and I just want to take a moment to thank those people, for making snowboarding great.




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