Remember when YoBeat was more than just an Instagram account? When it was killing it with hilarious original content? Those glory days were partly due to the writing genius of Nick Lipton.

Well moving to the mid-east and spending a year as a sober person didn’t stop Nick from remaining creative. In fact he is arguably flexing harder now. Check out the feature on his latest work of photography White Knuckle.



Nick Lipton’s new photo book is a reflection on his first year sober—and even sans booze, it’s a wild ride.

For some strange reason, “genius sober artist” is a nonexistent cultural paradigm, whereas “wasted bad-boy creative” is not only an established trope, but one endlessly emulated by hopeful artists and faux-artists around the world. Chicago-based photographer Nick Lipton was formerly an iteration of the latter: a wildly partying yet talented photographer. More recently, he has morphed into a fusion of both tropes; something of a rowdy, gifted, sober artist. His latest endeavor, a photo book titled White Knuckle, chronicles his first year of sobriety and the surprisingly vivid adventures that followed, captured through the lens of his point and shoot.


“I refuse to let sobriety paint me as an uninteresting individual,” Lipton adds. “So, for good or for bad, photography (and writing) are now outlets for me to push myself into situations that are exhilarating. I want people to experience things, to see things, to be pushed and moved to do more and get more out of life.”


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