I know, I know… you’re laughing, “but skateboarders don’t think!” A few do. And a few probably enjoy nice smelling things for their homes and assorted products that aren’t lame. Enter skateboard culture documenter Robert Brink.

Even if you don’t know about Rob Brink you’ve read and probably enjoyed his authentic writing about skateboarding and it’s surrounding culture. Those Brian Anderson and Jason Dill articles in PLAYBOY, the Weekend Buzz, all those rad memories of Dylan Rieder on Instagram… that’s all Robert Brink.

But it isn’t all about skateboarding, there’s the writing side of his passions as well. So Rob decided to do something about it and start up The Hundredth Acre; a brand that creates things for thinkers. Candles, journals, ‘writer.’ tees, and much more.

Writer’s i.N.N.K chatted with Rob about all things writing and skating. Including a list of his Top 5 favorite reads, so get on that…


How important do you think reading/writing is to this generation? 

Honestly, people will survive just fine whether they read or not. It’s like math. I was told as a child that math was the most important thing to know, but now we have phones and computers to do it all for us. That [being] said,  I hope there will always be people striving to do good writing. And keeping the standard high, rather than just “blogging” and self-publishing any old thing.

As for reading … I feel kind of the same. If people don’t read, they will be fine, but I feel sorry for them because they are missing out. I would say the same about experiencing a Beethoven symphony or Terence Malick’s films. They aren’t for everyone and maybe they aren’t considered “cool” for younger generations in 2016, but then that’s their loss. I’m going to keep enjoying books, writing, and interacting with others who do! And I hope this brand will inspire people to read and write.


Click over to Writer’s i.N.K.K for the full The Hundredth Acre profile w/ Rob Brink.



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