We went to the Andy Irons movie premiere in LA the other night and man, what a heavy movie. It was pretty interesting seeing Bruce and Lyndie and everyone there and feeling how emotional it must be for them. Heard Bruce only lasted a few minutes in the theater. But he’s back here. Raw, uncut, digging into all his feelings.



Has that been hard, with friends of you and your brother, just that always hanging overhead?

Fuck. Yeah.

It takes a good fucking person, a good friend, that regardless of what is going on, whatever anyone’s saying, they’re there for you, with that same genuine love.

Even if it’s just saying that: That they’re there for you. Just an honest, Hey, how you doing?

I tell people this all the time: I can tell a true friend when they come up to me—and say it’s been six months, eight months, whatever, and they’ve heard what shit people are saying—a friend will come up and look at you and ask you, How are you doing? He’ll look you in the eye, grab your hand, and ask: You good, man?

Yeah, I’m good.

Where someone else will walk up and shake your hand and say the same thing—Hey, how ya doing?—as he looks you up, and down, and up and down: You good? You good?

Just looking you up and down.

That’s that guy. My acquaintance.




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“My brother was very emotional, very passionate, very psycho, very troubled,” @bruceirons told @stab Editor in Chief @ashtonsealegs a few weeks after filming had finished for ‘Andy Irons: Kissed By God.’ “Andy was a human being dealing with life and feelings. We’re all just humans trying to work out our own life in our heads, dealing with it the best we can. I’m hoping [after the film] people have a little more compassion. Don’t draw assumptions, or pass judgment. Treat others the way you want to be treated, and be ready for the outcome. My brother loved people. He remembered everyone’s name. I couldn’t believe it. If you were genuine, and my brother liked you, he liked you. If he felt good intentions from you, if he got that vibe from you, he was down with anyone. That was one of his beautiful traits. That was my brother.” Head to the @stab site for the long read. Photo by @maxreyes_

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