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The New York surf scene has received a lot of hype lately. Since the Quiksilver Pro put up a gazillion dollars for the first and only New York tour stop and Saturdays NYC brought ‘surf fashion’ to the fashion masses around the globe. It seemed like a false god, but then the waves pumped and the Saturdays guys are actually real cool. Maybe New York city surfing is more than just a bunch of weirdo hipsters taking the train to the beach and cluelessly crowding the line-ups?

Or maybe not. Maybe it is all fluff. A Montauk love story??? Come on. I love a good love story as much as the next hopeless romantic, but this looks like an Urban Outfitters article where we can shop the collection and therefore buy some of that love for ourselves. Give us some more fucked up Chris Ward domestic madness at least that’s interesting to read about (but sadly the worst of that saga is yet to be released to the public).


“You probably know Lisa and Mikey DeTemple from either Montauk’s sandy shores or New York’s city limits and in knowing them, one of the things we love about these two is their relentless focus and love towards one another and their cherished moments away together. So, in speaking with them we discussed what makes these two tick, how they recharge their batteries and more importantly, how they inspire each other to be better – and better for each other. For after all, isn’t that what we hope for in a partner, to inspire and be inspired to be better?”


Read the whole Mikey + Lisa Detemple: A Montauk Love Story and maybe shed a tear.


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