Here’s a little snowboard history lesson for these xmas holidays. Since carving is so hot, hot, hot right now let’s look back on the guy who started it all, Serge Dupraz. He even learned it all shaping surfboards in Hawaii. Legit.




“My passion back in the day was to be able to surf the snow, because I was learning to surf the ocean when I first arrived in Hawaii. My dream was to adapt a good portion of what I’d learnt on the North shore shaping and adapt and transfer the rocker lines and parameters to allow the boards to surf another form of swell, but this time in the Alps! That in a nutshell is how Hot Snowboards was created and how I started Dupraz Snowboards.


We are working hard for what is going to be the new golden age of snowboarding. We are re-opening the market from the elitist-freestyle-only-niche.”



Click to SOURCE MAGAZINE for A History Of Snowboarding w/ Serge Dupraz





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