Have you ordered your copy of Chas Smith’s instant classic Cocaine + Surfing yet? If no, what are you waiting for?

It’s been talked up greatly on Beach Grit, but now we have a real honest review from Outside. And you know what, it makes us want to read it even more.



In the same spirit, Cocaine + Surfing is a book about a self-loathing surf journalist getting the seemingly-brilliant idea to write a book about cocaine and surfing, hitting the road for research in various corners of the surf industry, discovering that it’s actually a stupid idea, and wondering how his once-promising life came to such a sad pass.

Or, as Smith puts it, “I was supposed to have waved goodbye to this shallow end of the swimming pool years ago. I was supposed to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning war reporter by now, spilling valuable words on the plight of Syrian refugees while dodging bullets. Or maybe in the White House briefing room being shouted down by the press secretary for speaking truth to power. Or front row at the Fendi show in Paris, across from Anna Wintour … anywhere but here.”




Click to OUTSIDE for an honest review of Chas Smith’s Cocaine + Surfing






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