Could you imagine Lebron James battling random social media commenters. No, he’s got more important things to do than care what anonymous people think about him. So it’s very interesting that Kelly Slater lets them get to him and spends a decent amount of time engaging. Maybe it is this same trait that makes Slater not let any other surfer have the spotlight on them. Not even for a second

His latest is announcing his “retirement” mere moments after Parko. That is pretty dirty, but probably not his worst offense. SURFER Mag counted them down for us.



“I might have been that guy right there” after Mick’s J-Bay shark attack
In the immediate aftermath of Mick Fanning’s shocking shark encounter in the final of the 2015 J-Bay event, Fanning gave an interview to the WSL, then fellow finalist Julian Wilson gave his perspective, and then…Kelly Slater? Yep, although he wasn’t in the final and only saw the attack on replay after, he still explained how the attack nearly happened to him. “It was actually surreal to me,” Slater told WSL commentator Ronnie Blakey. “Because I was just coming on the beach, and obviously if I’d been more patient I might have got Mick’s good one at the end–I might have been that guy right there.”



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