Don’t be that person that gets home from an epic trip and bores the hell out of all your mates when you get home. Sure, some stories are acceptable, but pretty much only the ones of hardship and near death. Oh and also don’t make sure watch your damn Instagram updates every few minutes. Enjoy your trip and Insta once a day max! Thank you.

Vaughan Dead broke down the 5 golden rules:



5. Whatever you do, don’t talk about finding love.

A friend once told me, “Never pick the flowers overseas, because as alluring and exotic as they appear in their natural environment, by the time you get them home they will have wilted and died.” Solid advice. For the most part, holiday romances are best left as just that. There are exceptions, of course. I know of plenty of relationships that have overcome the challenges faced by cross-cultural pollination, but the problem here isn’t the relationship itself, it’s everyone else having to first hear about it, and then even worse, compensate their own lives in some minuscule way when you introduce your new bae into their world. See, once they get past, “How are you finding Australia? And how did you guys meet?” the conversation will dry up like a drop of rain in the Great Sandy Desert, and your friends will eventually resent you for ruining their vibes. The good news is that because you travelled and fell in love, you’re better than them anyway. The bad news is they may do the same to you one day and you’ll be well and truly fucken off it.




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