Sometimes it’s not all about the hammer, well sometimes it is, but other times it is about the beautiful subtleties that make skateboarding so great. SML TALK edited down 17 of their favorite beautiful moments consisting of some of the best to ever roll.



5) Dylan Rieder – Gravis (segment)

Probably the heaviest of everything on this list – obviously with his passing. I will say that even before he passed, or when this part just came out even, this segment was absolutely pure. The powerslide pretty much straight into the bus is insane, and the impossible tailgrab really just stands out.

Something about the song, though, really makes this part touching when you rewatch it now – just feels like a tribute. Another Greg Hunt masterpiece here, RIP Dylan.


17) Ethan Fowler – That’s Life (ending sequence)

16) Dana Ericson – The Raw Video (ending sequence)

15) Heath Kirchart – Sight Unseen (tailslide ender)

14) Andrew Reynolds – Stay Gold (kicflip Davis gap)

13) Danny Renaud – Mosaic (Delaware line)

12) Mike Carroll & Rick Howard – Mouse (intro)

11) Jason Lee – Way Out East! (tre flip ender)

10) Heath Kirchart – This Is Skateboarding (slam)

9) Tom Knox – Vase (ending sequence)

8) Chris Milic – It’s a Secret (ending sequence)

7) Marc Johnson – Fully Flared (nollie 540)

6) PJ – Wonderful Horrible Life (ending line)

5) Dylan Rieder – Gravis (segment)

4) Heath Kirchart – Mind Field (intro 360s)

3) Daewon Song – Skate More (switch nose manual)

2) Rick Howard – Yeah Right! (ending sequence)

1) Arto Saari – Sorry (ending sequence)




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