Legends never die! The full audio to an old Harold Hunter article has surfaced thanks to the good will of Mackenzie Eisenhour aka Dead Hippie. Listen to the story telling genius of the late great Harold. Hanging with Macaulay Culkin, beefing with Wu Tang… it’s all there.



This was the full audio of the phone call I made back in 2002 to get Harold’s 15 Things article for Skateboarder Mag, Jan. 2003. As usual, I’d like to add in a disclaimer that these interviews were not meant to be public, so the conversation is more an attempt to extract good points for the article and less a showcase. Point being, it gets repetitive but that proved the best way to get these things done for the mag. Rest in peace Harold, you were one of a kind. Thanks to Jeff Pang for organizing this phone call back then as Zoo TM.



Click for the original 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Harold Hunter article