Our ongoing obsession with Russian skateboarding, including Absurd skateboards and Barabaka, got a little boost this week with their trip to Abkhazia. Looks tight.



Абхазский тур при участии Паши Кузнецова, Вовы Павлова и Вадима Абрамова.
Съёмка и монтаж Барабаки.


The Absurd team from Russia travelled to a little known country called Abkhazia recently. Watch the edit and check the full article written by Kirill Korobkov and photos by Alexey Lapin in our current issue.

Featuring Vadim Abramov, Vova Pavlov and Pasha Kuznetsov.

Filmed by Barabaka

Featured photo of Vova Pavlov by Alexey Lapin




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